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Have you ever ever been on a metropolis road and seen a busker taking part in music on glasses? Every glass has a special quantity of water and produces a special observe when tapped. [Cyberlab] should have seen them and created an Arduino robotic to play tunes on glasses. You’ll be able to see the outcome within the video under.

If we had carried out this, we’d have had a solenoid per glass or used some linear part like a 3D printer axis to choose totally different glasses. [Cyberlab] did one thing smarter. The glasses go in a circle and a stepper motor factors on the right glass and prompts a solenoid. The result’s fairly good and it’s a lot less complicated than any of our concepts.

Should you aren’t musically inclined, you would possibly surprise the way you’d program the songs. There’s an instance of taking a music field rating from an internet site — apparently, there are many these — and eradicating any polyphony from it. The positioning talked about even has an editor the place you may import MIDI recordsdata and work with them to supply a music field strip that you could possibly then convert. You then encode every observe as a quantity from 0 to six.

In fact, you additionally should fill your glasses with the correct quantity of water. A piano tuning cellphone app must be helpful. We’ve seen this carried out in a linear style earlier than. You’ll be able to even use a single glass for a lot of notes with somewhat ingenuity.


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