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Career as Computer Technician

A computer technician is a person who undertakes repairs and maintenance of computers and hardware. A computer technician’s responsibilities include configuration and building new hardware, updating and installing software packages and creating or maintaining networks.


A computer technician may be required to work in either public or private sectors. Most institutes offer a certification or a full-time degree course aimed at preparing new computer technicians. Every field wherever computers are used requires computer technicians. Computer technicians are required at military and national security facilities as well as in offices and schools. In addition to this, a technician can also work as a self-employed freelancer and own a business.

Work profile

People usually assume that a computer technician is capable of handling any type of computer related problem. But in reality, computer technicians specialize in different fields. Some of the major specializations may include information systems, data recovery and system administration. The work of a computer technician usually includes maintaining and repairing computers. In some organizations, a computer technician may also have to train the employees to ensure that they are able to work with the computers smoothly and can repair minor problems in the absence of the technician.

The perks and the drawback

The role of a computer technician is an important one in any industry. A technician is always required to remain alert and aware of what he/she is doing. At times when a computer network gets hacked or when a virus enters the network, a computer technician is the one who needs to tackle the issue. A computer technician is required to take up several priority projects at the same time.

If you enjoy helping others and you are oriented towards customer service, being a computer technician can bring you a great sense of satisfaction. It brings joy and happiness and a sense of accomplishment along with it, especially when you resolve a complicated issue. Largely, most computer technicians working as internal support for employees in an industry rarely have to work extra hours. Also, if things run smoothly you could relax for a greater part of your day while getting paid as much as $15 an hour.

Future and growth

Technology constitutes an important part of every business today. As a result, the demand for computer technicians will remain as long as technology keeps evolving. But growing as a computer technician is a tough process. It is often becomes necessary for computer technicians to continue their education and update their knowledge on computers to grow further. An education in information and technology is ideal for computer technicians.

Technology continues to evolve every second. It is essential for anybody in the computer industry to stay in touch with the changes. It is a continuous learning process. You may always continue to remain employed because of your skills with the computers but unless you learn something new it is difficult to go up the ladder as a computer technician.

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