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Fluttter Developers

We collect job opportunities from many sources and post here. We are specially targeting casual and temporary jobs which are suited for university students to earn while they study. Most of the job openings are from the location where famous universities are located.

Please find the below latest job opportunity


, Auckland
Tempsnz Ltd

Our customer is a SaaS startup company passionate about creating online ecosystems for businesses of all sizes through the development of scalable mobile applications. Through the creation of these online ecosystems, they can help businesses build connections, enhance scalability and grow sustainability.

Currently we are looking to bring on board people for various development roles:

  1. Flutter Full Stack Developer
  2. Fultter Front – End Developer
  3. Flutter Junior Developer
In order to be considered for the Full stack or Front-end roles, some of the technologies you may know are:

Flutter & Dart (Essential), NoSQL &SQL, BLoC, Node/Express, Git/GitFlow, TDD & DDD, Java, Javascript/typescript, HTML/CSS, Firebase, Azure, PHP, REST, Deployment, CI/CD, Swift/Objective C, Java/Kotlin

For the Junior position, we require the candidates to have good qualifications on college and at least had the chance to participate in a couple of Flutter/Dart projects.

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