ios – Question for HeartRates in HealthKit to get each conventional HKQuantitySamples in addition to Cumulative Amount Samples?


My coronary heart charge question under makes use of the older conventional HKSampleQuery to get coronary heart charges, nonetheless, if an app saves Coronary heart Charges into Apple Well being as a HKCumulativeQuantitySample then my question under does not seize all the coronary heart charges contained in the HKCumulativeQuantitySample. How can I question in order that I seize each kinds of coronary heart charge samples in Apple Well being?

 class func getHeartRateSamplesFrom(exercise: HKWorkout, handler: @escaping ([HKQuantitySample]?, WorkoutManagerError?) -> Void) {
        guard let heartRateType:HKQuantityType   = HKQuantityType.quantityType(forIdentifier: HKQuantityTypeIdentifier.heartRate) else { return }
        let startDate = exercise.startDate
        let endDate = exercise.endDate
        let predicate = HKQuery.predicateForSamples(withStart: startDate, finish: endDate, choices: .strictStartDate)
        let sortDescriptors = [
            NSSortDescriptor(key: HKSampleSortIdentifierEndDate, ascending: false) 
        let heartRateQuery = HKSampleQuery(sampleType: heartRateType,
                                           predicate: predicate,
                                           restrict: (HKObjectQueryNoLimit),
                                           sortDescriptors: sortDescriptors)
        { (question:HKSampleQuery, outcomes:[HKSample]?, error:Error?) -> Void in
            guard error == nil else { print("get coronary heart charge error"); return }
            guard let unwrappedResults = outcomes as? [HKQuantitySample] else { print("get coronary heart charge error"); return}
            handler(unwrappedResults, nil)


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