ios – What’s one of the simplest ways to alter the Standing Bar colour for all screens utilizing nested navigation in React Native?


I’m presently utilizing Expo and React Navigation to toggle between Darkish Theme and Mild Theme for my app. The one situation is that I’m not in a position to change the standing bar colour on iOS primarily based on the theme.

I’ve a Tab Navigator nested inside Drawer Navigator, however I’m having hassle determining change the standing bar colour on iOS after I toggle the theme for all screens within the nested navigation. That is what a part of my drawer navigator appears like.

 <themeContext.Supplier worth={themeData}>
    <NavigationContainer theme={theme == 'Mild' ? CustomDefaultTheme : CustomDarkTheme}>
          headerShown: false,
          swipeEdgeWidth: 0,
          drawerActiveBackgroundColor: '#e8e4f0',
          drawerActiveTintColor: '#8a76b6',
          drawerInactiveBackgroundColor: 'clear',
          drawerInactiveTintColor: '#bcbcc1',



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