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Silicone Wire Cord Holder

This Silicone Wire Cord Holder is an elegant cable management tool that can firmly hold all kinds of cables neat and orderly. It is compatible with cables measuring 6mm in diameter or fewer works for speaker wires, computer wires, audio wires, camera cables, internet cables, twisted headphone cords, and more.


  • Soft silicone material, very durable. The material keeps the cable flexible while fixing it.
  • Good Adhesion - Easy to use self-adhesive backing allows you to peel and stick to the desired surface as needed. When the cord organizer is removed, there is no residue left.
  • Desk Organizer - The cable clips are good for all smooth and clean surfaces at home or office. Clean your desk before use.

How to use:

1. Paste smooth surface firmly

Strong removable 3M glue, paste firmly. Not afraid to fall, no marking left.

2. Fix cable firmly

The cross appearance structure design and suitable space ,help cable fixed firmly and not slide down.

3. Flexible silicone

The cable clip is made of flexible silicone,which protect the cable but not squeeze it.

4. Wide compatibility with cables

Wide compatibility with kinds of cables, such as round cable, flat cable and etc.