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Eagle Recruitment

Eagle is seeking applicants for the role of Carpenter, from people already in the country (New Zealand).


  • Ability to read plans, drawings & sketches and to fully grasp requirements for the project
  • Accuracy in taking measurements and calculating the size and amount of materials needed for a project
  • Skilled in use of all tools necessary to cut, shape and smooth lumber and other materials according to measurements
  • Able to install items such as window frames, doors, staircase and frame building by using raw materials or pre-constructed items including erection of Frames and Trusses
  • Able to install items such as hardwood floors, siding, cabinets, drywall and insulation. Skills in lay out flooring, roofing and drywall and ensuring they are level, plumb and installed with as little waste possible will be an advantage
  • Inspect products and conduct repairs and maintenance as needed
  • Able to do formwork, concrete laying and steel tying
  • Ability to install cladding, and bracing systems
  • Do other general carpentry work

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