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Data Collection Contributor – Australia

Data Collection Contributor – Australia


Onsite In-Car Data Collection Participants within Sydney Australia

We’re looking for people from Japanese, Chinese, Other Asian, Caucasian & Central Asian participants to take part in our in-car video data collection project!

Participants will be required to travel to Chatswood (Sydney, Australia) to take part in this exciting project.
If selected you’ll get to interact with a specially outfitted vehicle, simulating the ways in which you use your car every day. You won’t be driving so you don’t need a driver’s license.
The project will require you to perform a number of actions in the car, as you might ordinarily expect to do. You’ll perform tasks such as entering your car, using your phone, checking the mirrors, and applying lip-gloss.
During the session, you’ll also get to change your appearance! You’ll have to do things like shave your facial hair if you have any (beard, moustache etc.) or wear a fake beard and then remove it (males), wear and remove makeup (females), change hairstyles, wear hats and sunglasses. These steps are necessary to change your appearance to improve the facial recognition device being developed. Please bring your own glasses and hats if you have them.
Whilst you’re doing all of this, we’ll be collecting data using several video cameras to train visual recognition algorithms that will help improve artificial intelligence and car safety.

Please note: the incentive amount is in Australian Dollars. It is the amount for completing the whole recording session, not per hour. The incentive will be issued on the day.

The quickest way to register is to click on this link and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a time.

People who have participated in the previous Sassafras projects are ineligible for the Sassafras-C project.

Feel free to share this opportunity to your family and friends!

Thank you and Looking forward to working with you!

“A diverse, inclusive culture is vital to our mission of helping build better AI.
We offer opportunities for individuals of all abilities and backgrounds.”

compensation: Participation project- per task payment

employment type: part-time

job title: Data Collection Contributor

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