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Store Manager Needed Jobs In Auckland, Auckland – New Zealand


Position:                                  Store Manager
Reporting to:                          Franchisee / Company Management 
Primary objective:               You are responsible for everything that happens in your store which includes meeting minimum operational standards, passing Operations Evaluation Reporting (OER’s), Food Safety Handling (FSH) and Health inspections, staff recruitment and training, rosters, building sales and controlling costs.
Key relationships:                             Internal: Assistant Managers, Store Team Members and Company Management / Administration.
External: Customers, Suppliers and Servicemen.
Qualifications and               
experience:                           You need to have the following qualifications and experience:

  • completed Dotti team member training;
  • completed Pizza College;
  • must have Food Safety Supervisor Certificate; and
  • recommended holding First Aid Certificate.

Essential knowledge        
and skills                               
Knowledge and understanding of:

  • image standards;
  • principles of handling the rush;
  • cash handling policies;
  • Domino’s Pizza standards, policies and procedures;
  • basic safety (Health and Safety at Work) and security policies and procedures; and
  • food safety standards, including the Australian and New Zealand Food Standards Code.

                                                  Must have the following:

  • “can do” attitude and good understanding of the Domino’s culture;
  • strong leadership and problem solving skills; and
  • attention to detail.

Key result areas:                 1. Pass OERs, FSH and Health Inspections.
                                                  2. Cost Control (Food Labour Mileage (FLM)).
                                                  3. Customer feedback ratings over a 28 day period.
                                                  4. Service stats Estimated Delivery Time (EDT) >85%, Out the Door (OTD) >75%, Single % > 65%, Pick Up % > 85% and Load Times
                                                  5. Cash variances during the week.
                                                  6. Sales Growth (+ Same Store Sales (SSS)).
                                                  7. Profitability; meets budget.
Responsibilities                    Build sales to meet company goals

  • Identify potential community partners.
  • Create a Local store marketing plan for your store.
  • Implement your local store marketing plan.
  • Set store pricing in accordance with relevant local market factors.

Manage all costs

  • Ensure proper portioning practices.
  • Conduct accurate inventory practices.
  • Adjust staffing level to meet business demands.
  • Follow all cash handling policies and procedures.

Provide excellent customer service

  • Ensure customers are looked after and honour the Customer.  Satisfaction Guarantee.
  • Ensure you achieve minimum service goals as per OER requirements.
  • Set your stores service standards to ensure best possible customer service in your area.
  • Staff store to an ideal level.
  • Respond to customer complaints in a quick and positive manner.
  • Action customer feedback within 24 hours.

Enforce safety and security standards

  • Maintain in-depth knowledge of all safety and security standards.
  • Communicate with your colleagues when safety/security issues arise.
  • Enforce policies and provide appropriate actions as necessary.
  • Report all accidents and incidents within 24 hours.
  • Ensure maintenance and cleanliness of company vehicles.

Uphold policies and standards

  • Ensure adherence to all company standards.
  • Monitor standards.
  • Provide a harassment free work environment.
  • Follow all human resource policies.
  • Always be punctual and in the correct image.

Maintain effective communication at all times

  • Communicate national promotions to team members.
  • Manage information centres and bulletin boards.
  • Build positive relationships with team members.
  • Set and maintain standards of behaviour in the work environment.
  • Complete and submit end of week paperwork to head office in a timely manner.

Maintain a properly staffed store

  • Hand out employment applications and recruitment leaflets.
  • Pre-screen all candidates ensuring applications are complete and determine if additional steps are required.
  • Interview and hire staff on an as needed basis.
  • Complete all new hiring paperwork accurately and in a timely manner.

Provide training to team members

  • Train and continually cross-train staff in all functions.
  • Ensure DOTTI is completed for staff as they are trained instore.
  • Ensure your training schedule and plans are up to date at all times.
  • Ensure your training in a hands on manner relevant to your stores unique situation.
  • Act as a role model on how jobs should be completed.

Enforce product quality standards at all times

  • Maintain proper inventory levels.
  • Monitor product expiration dates.
  • Ensure safe handling of product.
  • Conduct training on product quality.
  • Source stock items as required in accordance with DPE Policy and Procedure.

We may amend your position description at any time at our sole discretion to meet the changing needs of our business. If we propose an amendment to your position description we will consult with you before implementing that amendment.

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