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Chinese Nanny (Auckland)

We collect job opportunities from many sources and post here. We are specially targeting casual and temporary jobs which are suited for university students to earn while they study. Most of the job openings are from the location where famous universities are located.

Please find the below latest job opportunity


We are looking for someone (vacancies are more than 5) who has proved experience in looking after newborns/babies/little child around 5 years of age for the Chinese families (employers are in different areas within Auckland region) that can follow Chinese traditions.

For some vacancies, we may also need you to be able to live on the employer’s property (as sometimes may need night care, additional working hours will be at the same hourly rate). (*accommodation and meals are provided by the employer with no charge)

To help parents care for their loved ones, especially to assist the parents to develop healthy eating, sleeping, and care routines. This position is also working as parent educators, teaching parenting proper and accepted baby care techniques.

This position is responsible for all the tasks related to the baby’s care, including bottle preparation, baby laundry, and nursery organization, etc.

Main duties and responsibilities but not limited to:
-Preparing bottles for babies and care for feeding equipment;
-Changing diapers for babies, bathing babies;
-Dressing children appropriate to the child’s activities;
-Washing and ironing children’s clothes;
-Planning meals for children;
-Preparing meals and snacks for the children, supervising children’s meals;
-Cleaning and washing up after children’s meals;
-Shopping for children’s requirements;
-Scheduling and coordinating children’s activities;
-Undertaking appropriate creative activities with the children;
-Undertaking appropriate educational activities with the children;
-Undertaking appropriate outdoor activities with the children;
-Planning and supervising rest, bed and nap times;
-Reading to and with the children;
-Tidying children’s bedrooms and play areas;
-Reinforcing appropriate discipline for the children;
-Implementing daily routines;
Running errands;
-Other duties as required.


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