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Drone and Flight Simulator Technical Researcher – Ahuriri, Hawke’s Bay

We collect job opportunities from many sources and post here. We are specially targeting casual and temporary jobs which are suited for university students to earn while they study. Most of the job openings are from the location where famous universities are located.

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Callaghan Grants Scheme

Air Napier has a Callaghan Experience Grant, which is intended “to help students gain commercial work experience” and gives them an opportunity to understand how a business works. Air Napier will support the student so that they get the best out of their time in the business and the business benefits from the student’s enthusiasm and fresh thinking.

Air Napier Objective

The Air Napier project objective is:

To research the technical and procedural requirements that would enable Air Napier to safely operate and control an Unmanned Air Vehicle beyond visual line of sight.

Air Napier seeks a Project Researcher to conduct the risk analysis. The Researcher is to report to the Project Manager and will have full contact with the executive leadership team including the CEO, the Operations Manager and Maintenance Controller. Ideally the Researcher would be based in Hawke’s Bay with Air Napier.

The Researcher is responsible for completing the following tasks:

  • Develop a project Management Plan
  • Research the NZ CAA requirements for UAV operations
  • Conduct a comparative study of civil UAV operations in other jurisdictions such as Australia, the UK, USA and Europe
  • Research the technologies used by UAVs approved for operation in civilian airspace
  • Identify and analyse risks of UAV operations
  • Identify risk mitigations
  • Provide a written report

While working with Air Napier the Project Researcher will be required to meet Air Napier’s requirements of its Safety Management System (SMS), including Covid-19 precautions.

Person Requirements

The Researcher is preferred to have a background in industrial design, or control systems and a solid understanding of software design. An understanding of, and interest in aviation would be of great benefit.

The Researcher should also show:

  • Initiative and self-confidence
  • Innovation
  • High reliability
  • Trustworthiness and discretion
  • Self-organisation
  • Adaptability
  • Effective in a team
  • Project management skill
  • Well-developed communication
  • Computer skills
  • Presentational skills
  • Good appearance and bearing

Assessment and Feedback

As part of the Callaghan grant process Air Napier is required to report on the student’s personal development. While at Air Napier the Researcher is expected to show improvements in:

  • Personal confidence
  • Expression and verbal and written presentation
  • Critical analysis and logic
  • Innovative spirit
  • Decision-making
  • Project management

Air Napier Project Management

Air Napier will provide the management and supervision of the Researcher while assigned and will assist with the project, its management and personal development. Air Napier will provide the following:

  • Initial induction to Air Napier and the background to the project.
  • Assistance with the development of a detailed project plan.
  • Guidance for literature review.
  • Support required eg computer and access, resources etc.


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