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Hiring Interns

Hiring an intern takes a lot more work than it looks. Not every intern is a good match for your business and not every business is a good match for the intern. Here are a few tips and suggestions to consider before hiring your next public relations intern to help you:

Type of intern: Interns can mean college students, preferably in their last two years of college or even a non-college student. The purpose of an internship for an intern is to get a sneak peek of what the world of public relations is actually about. This is a chance for them to decide if this is the right career path for them to pursue. Decide what kind of intern you want: a college intern most likely has a few courses that could be beneficial to your company; however a non-college student intern is so green that you can mold and create the perfect intern from scratch. The decision is up to you and what is best for your company.

Where to find: If you are a well-established PR firm in your city, there is really no point in posting an ad looking for an intern. Most likely you already have emails flooding your inbox every May and August. If you are smaller and not receiving many resumes, try posting a blog post or Facebook post stating what you are looking for. Take it a step further and contact state wide universities communications departments or marketing and public relations business groups.

Skills needed: You want an intern that is reliable, meaning that they will be on time and perform the duties that are given to them. Their writing needs to be close to perfect and professional. If you can find an intern with thick skin before they began, perfect, if not-that can always be groomed. Last you need to have an intern that has a reliable source of transportation.

Payment:Most interns go into an internship not expecting a payment. However, you are able to pay your intern then more props to you. Again the intern is looking experience more than anything else. Consider covering driving costs, lunches and small gifts here and there etc.

Hours and Duties:Depending on the job duties you want performed you can create a part time or full time schedule. Duties that PR interns typically perform are social media managing, press releases, and errands for clients and sitting in on meetings. Give enough responsibility for your intern to learn but not too much to where it is overwhelming.

Take the time to review emails and resumes of potential interns then set up interviews; look for the traits and characteristics your firm needs to be successful. Pay your intern for their hard work how you see fit and give them duties that they can flourish in. Good luck and happy interning!


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